Rebel Annihilator Surface Disinfectant

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What is Rebel Annihilator?

Rebel Annihilator is a surface disinfectant that meets and exceeds CDC guidelines. The Center for Disease Control recommends a 60% concentration of isopropyl alcohol for use in killing germs and viruses. Annihilator Surface disinfectant is formulated with a 70% alcohol concentration.

Where can I use Rebel Annihilator?

Annihilator Surface disinfectant a citrus-scented solution suitable for use on many surfaces. 

For automotive applications, Annihilator is great for steering wheels, shift knobs, door handles, and armrests. Ideal in-home applications include doorknobs, light switches, handles, countertops, and numerous restroom applications.

Pro Tip: Annihilator is perfect for disinfecting personal electronics, desk spaces, and computer peripherals.

How do I use Annihilator?

Rebel Annihilator is extremely easy to use. After cleaning the desired surface and removing surface contaminants, just spray and mist Annihilator on the surface you want to disinfect and let it air dry.